Stephanie and Nestor

Where to Propose in Il Cielo Restaurant

How We Met

We met at a New Years party. Before meeting Nestor, I had told my mom how that night I was going to meet my soulmate, who will become my boyfriend, and later my future husband (speaking into existence)! I went to the party & my friend introduced me to him. I thought he was really cute. Later that night we started talking and realized we had lots in common. He asked for my number, but I was trying to play hard to get so I said: “I’ll think about it.” I went ahead and gave his friend my number so he can give it to Nestor. We went on a couple of dates (5 to be exact) & then 20days later he officially asked me to be his girlfriend. I always knew he was going to be my one and only. & of course we had so much to learn from but we had overcome every obstacle with God being the center of it all.

How They Asked

Hi everyone! On February 14, 2019, at 6:25 pm my wonderful now fiancé proposed to me at Il Cielo in Beverly Hills. All day he was acting very mysterious & he even asked me not to go to work because he had Planned something special. For a second, I thought he was finally ready to go sky diving because he kept saying he hoped the weather got better (since it was raining). He picked me up & brought with him some beautiful bouquet of roses, 2 boxed roses for me & some for my mom. Took me to get my hair done at a dry bar then we went to our reservation at Il Cielo. This is my favorite restaurant (which not too long ago we had gone & I hoped he would propose there). We were having dinner & he asked me to go with him to the patio to take pictures (I love pictures)! Little did I know our server was recording our proposal.

Proposal Ideas Il Cielo Restaurant

He looked at me & said he thought this was the perfect moment, he said he loves me & can’t imagine his life without me. That I have truly made him happy for the past six years & he can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with me…Stephanie Georgina Capuz will you marry me. I was so speechless. Of course, I said YES!