Stephanie and Mikah

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How We Met

On December 9th of 2019, I was working at Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa as a receptionist. I was scheduled to start my shift in the afternoon and work until closing. It had been a pretty rough week for me at that time, so when I went into work that day, I went straight to the back to do more tedious work like laundry and stocking the cabinets. At some point, during the beginning of my shift, a call came in that I answered, and it was a guy (Mikah) that called to see what time his massage appointment was at. Probably about an hour later, Mikah came in for his appointment and when we locked eyes there was this undeniable connection right off the bat. I checked him in for his appointment and realized he needed to update his paperwork on file (something we need to do annually), so I walked the paperwork over to him as he was sitting in the lobby, and something in my head told me “this is him”, and while this sounds crazy, it was as though God told me that to let me know I had just met the person I would spend my life with. Well, at this time in my life I was not ready for what God had in store for me, so when Mikah got called in for his appointment I clocked out and went home. It was a slow night, so my coworker was good closing up without me. I left because I thought I would be able to essentially slow downtime, and in all reality, I was scared, which is silly thinking about now. When I went home, I searched up Mikah on Instagram which is something I’ve never done for any other client that came in. His account was private, so I just left it alone. That was until Mikah happened to request to follow me not too long after. I immediately accepted the request and asked to follow him back. I also texted my coworker and asked if he had asked anything about me, being that I didn’t disclose my last name to him at any point. She advised that he didn’t say anything. After what felt like forever, Mikah direct messaged me saying “Hahah you own a Jeep too!!”, we talked the rest of the night and set up a date for that Saturday and the rest is basically history. It wasn’t smooth sailing from then on out, which I know is vague, but I wouldn’t have changed anything.

How They Asked

About a week prior to the proposal, Mikah told me I should get my nails done, which I feel is a dead giveaway for anyone, but my nails were in BAD shape (very embarrassing) so I figured it was his nice way of telling me they needed help. A day or so later, he told me that we had dinner plans with his parents on Saturday night (August 28th) at a nice restaurant in Laguna Beach. I asked if there was any specific reason we were going out and he said no, so I just made the mental note that we had plans that Saturday night and went about my day. Nothing at all seemed out of the ordinary that week to me, and Mikah seemed totally fine. At some point that week, he texted me while I was at work and said his phone was acting up and was getting texts that were sent to him back in March, one being from my mom. My mom’s number wasn’t saved in his phone so he sent me a screenshot of the text and asked so he could save the number I guess, I confirmed it was her number, but again didn’t think anything of this. Friday eventually rolls around and he tells me that dinner the next night did actually have significance because we were celebrating his Aunt’s birthday. I happened to remember her birthday was a couple of months ago, but this also didn’t strike me as weird because Mikah gets things like this mixed up from time to time so I didn’t bother asking. Now, it’s finally Saturday, August 28th, 2021. We had a fairly normal morning, sat, and had coffee and breakfast together before we left to go work out. I like to use our apartment’s gym, but he goes to a normal gym to work out as it has more equipment that he needs. He let me know that he also had to go to his nutrition store to pick up protein powder, so he would be back a little later. When I got home from working out I was cleaning up around our apartment a little when he called and let me know that he decided to stop off and get his face shaved really quick, and then he was going to his parents’ house for a minute and asked if I could go pick up lunch. Again, none of this struck me as odd. I picked up lunch and by the time I got back he was back too. We had lunch together and we watched Sons of Anarchy (the series we were watching together at the time), and then I started getting ready for dinner. The entire day he seemed absolutely normal, not stressed or anything. Mikah said that we needed to meet his aunt/uncle and cousins at the beach first and then we’d go to dinner. We went to the crescent bay beach in Laguna Beach and when we parked we sat in the car for a little while and played each other in Fun Run on our phones (a game I’m now obsessed with, thank you Mikah) to kill time before we met up with his family. We got out of his truck around 6:30 and walked down to the beach. We were standing in the sand and looking for his family but also reminiscing about our relationship. All of a sudden he was in front of me on one knee. I was in so much shock and disbelief that I almost forgot to answer (I said yes though!). Mikah had photographers there that caught it on camera and then proceeded to take engagement pictures for us. Once the photos were done, we met up with not only his parents but mine as well for dinner. The entire proposal was absolutely perfect.

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Also, to recap what had happened throughout this from his point of view. He made the whole thing up about his phone acting up because he wanted me to confirm my mom’s phone number. Once I did, he texted her to see if he could stop by that day on his lunch break, where he proceeded to ask my parents for their blessing. He didn’t realize I would remember his aunt’s birthday had recently passed, but he used that as an excuse as to why we had to first stop at the beach. He had his face shaved Saturday morning because he was proposing, and he stopped at his parents’ house to get a new ring box that was smaller and really cute. We also waited in his truck and played games because he was killing time (but not for his family, for the photographer) and he in fact was very nervous. The best day of my life thus far!

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Special Thanks

Si Herbers
 | Photographer