Stephanie and Michael

Stephanie and Michael's Engagement in Miramar beach

How We Met

We met when we were very young through my best friend is his best friend’s sister. I always had that little crush on him and thought to myself I’m gonna marry him one day. Once I was a few years older we started hanging out a lot but eventually went our separate ways. Always stayed friends on social media and texted randomly but that was it.

Fast forward about 9 years, I went to a concert with my best friend. I sent a Snapchat to a large number of people and to my surprise he sent one back of the same exact view. He was in the same section but rows above me! We talked that night and have been inseparable since. For Valentine’s Day one year, he bought me a beautiful promise ring, he and his mom are close with the lady that sold it to them. When I took it in to get it cleaned she had asked me “have you all set a date yet” and of course I laughingly said “no he still has to ask me first” lol there were multiple hints that were right in front of my face that I never saw!

How They Asked

Two years after dating we bought our first house during the summer and took a big vacation with my entire side of the family to Miramar beach in Florida. He had told all of my family, his friends, and his mom that he was going to propose but I had no clue at all. It was the second to last day we were in Florida, we’d been at the beach all day. We both decided to let’s go up to the house to get some drinks and snacks to take back down for everyone. As we’re going to leave I grab the towels and he says “I know you’ve been waiting for this” I turn around and he’s down on one knee 😭 it was so perfect. Just the two of us, no big photoshoot and no one else around. Of course, I said yes!! We’re now coming up on almost 4 years of marriage!

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