Stephanie and Michael

Where to Propose in Watkins Glenn, NY

How We Met

Me and mike met online. We came across each others pictures on We were both about to delete our profiles from the website when we got match. We spoke via the website for a few days before he asked me for my number. We then spent two weeks talking over the phone. We finally decided to meet, mike picked me up and we went to the Chocolate Room in Brooklyn. We spent hours talking over a chocolate brownie sunday.

how they asked

Mike had finally had a day off , so we decided to take a day trip. I had seen Watkins glenn on one of my friends pages and fell in love with the beautiful waterfalls. So mike planned the day for us to go. We got up bright and early and stocked the cooler. On the ride up we talked like we always do, we love road trips because it gives us a chance to really talk. Mike was biting his finger nails, whoch he only does when hes stressed out, i assumed it was because of work, clearly i was wrong. We hiked about half way up when mike pointed out a lovers lane overlook. I thought nothing of it and we decided to walk it. We came to the end which over looks a big stream surrounded by the mountains, it was beautiful. Moke suggested i take a panoramic picture so i started to when i heard ” i love you”, i thought nothing of it because he always tells me that, so i turned around with the intent to say it back, but when i turned around he was down on one knee. I put my phone down, almost dropped it off the ledge. I started to cry, and he asked “will you marry me?” I of course said yes!.

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