Stephanie and Michael

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How We Met

He was a friend of a friend, & rumor was he was always asking about me. However, I was not interested. I just didn’t think we would be a good match. But you know what they say…opposites attract. After many stolen glances, bashful smiles, and a few awkward conversations he found my number and asked me out. On a whim, I said yes. 3 and a half years later, without my knowledge but after my never-ending hint dropping, he began to plan a dream proposal.

how they asked

He knew how obsessed I was with Charleston, SC. What’s not to love? A beautiful city and the home of the Notebook Mansion. He bought the ring, he asked my dad, and he hired a photographer for the day of. Then he planned a vacation to take some time away from Pennsylvania in exchange for the sun and the charm of Charleston. On the day we were going to visit Boone Hall, aka Allie’s family Mansion on The Notebook, I had things planned out (or so I thought). I had been there before so I knew what to see. When we pulled up to the front gate to pay we were told we were randomly selected to receive free entry! I was surprised, but he knew it was because the photographer was already there and arranged for us to use her free pass. We pulled in, parked, and I headed straight for the ladies room. He was waiting outside making secret hand gestures to our photographer who was hiding behind a tree waiting for us. When I came out he decided we should tour the house first so I took off on a mission. I entered the grounds through the gate heading for the house when he asked me to wait a second. When I turned around, frustrated at his slow pace, he was just standing there. I walked back over to him and he seemed fidgety. He got down on his knee & said “I know that sometimes you think I’m a pain, but I was wondering if I could be your pain for the rest of your life?” then pulled a ring box out of his pocket as our hidden photographer snapped away. And there in front of the Allie Hamilton’s house, I said yes to my very own Noah Calhoun.

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