Stephanie and Mauricio

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How We Met

Mauricio and I met through one of my very good friends Katie back when we were in high school. I had always thought he was very good looking and funny but at the time we met I was in a relationship. A few years later, on August 29, 2009 we met up, thanks to my best friend Katie, who told me that Mauricio was going to be at the same place as I was that evening. We hit it off that night and had an amazing time together. On November 14, 2009 Mauricio asked me to be his girlfriend. That was one of the happiest days of my life up until the amazing proposal in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

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how they asked

Mauricio and I planned a vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico this January right after the New Year! We had planned to have professional photos taken on the beach at the resort, because he knows how much I love the beach. It was a Friday evening on January 8, 2016 when he proposed to me! We met up with the photographer to go have our photos taken at Sunset on the resort. We started off by taking some photos with the Cabo Arch in the background. One of the most beautiful landmarks in Cabo! The photographer then had us start to walk down the beach holding hands and at the moment she said “stop” we were to turn and look at her. After we looked at her, we were to turn back, hold hands again and walk toward her. As I turned to grab Mauricio’s hand he was down on one knee, with the ocean in the background, holding the most beautiful ring in his hands! I immediately froze and was stunned. After reality hit me moments later, I grabbed him and gave him the biggest hug and kiss! I did not want to let go! He then put the ring on my finger and we proceeded to finish up our photo shoot! I was in such shock, I was shaking with excitement and crying happy tears! This was by far the most amazing moment in my life! One of the biggest pools in the resort we stayed at had a perfect view of our proposal, and Mauricio had told me people were clapping and cheering for us! I was in the zone with so much excitement that I blocked out everything but him! January 8, 2016 will forever be the best day of my life, the day my boyfriend of 6 years asked me to be his wife!

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Special Thanks

Stephanie Herbert
 | Riu Santa Fe Photographer