Stephanie and Matt

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How We Met

Eleven years ago a cute senior boy asked me to prom by writing “PROM” into the snow in my backyard. It ended with me not being able to read the words because it was too dark, his car getting stuck in a ditch, and frostbite on his hands. After graduation, Matt and I went our separate ways, for many years. We dated other people, we moved across the country to different cities to pursue our passions. But for eleven years we always remained “good friends”. Sometimes we wondered about us, but I was never brave enough to act on my instinct that he was the one! Last year he flew out to Boston to visit me while I started my last year of graduate school. And it was the best year of our lives! This past weekend I finished graduate school and spent the weekend celebrating with friends and family. After the weekend, I was in bliss, as it’s truly been the most amazing year. I didn’t know the weekend was about to get even better.

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how they asked

On Sunday night, after everything was over, Matt insisted we take a walk along the Charles River (in the near rains), which has the most beautiful views of the Boston skyline. Views he knows I’ll miss so much when I move to Denver. We found ourselves in a park where we had taken a long walk around the city when he first came in to visit a year prior.

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It was during that walk I think I decided to fully trust in who he and I were together. He got down on one knee and proposed a second time by asking me to marry him! This time without the snow and frostbite. Classic Matt, he did open up the ring box upside down, but it was perfectly “us. And I said YES!

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Special Thanks

Lisa Martin
 | Best Friend and Photographer