Stephanie and Martin


How We Met

It was entirely left up to chance on how Martin and I first met. I had just graduated from high school the past spring and was eager to begin the next chapter of my life in college that fall. The Dean of business had recruited me out of my high school calculus class to enroll in Molloy College to pursue accounting. Martin, on the other hand, was going on a different career path. He was studying pre-med at a nearby college but had coincidentally met with the same Dean and had been convinced to switch career goals to accounting. Oddly enough, we ended up first seeing each other in our “Intro to Business” class and had been assigned to work in the same group project. Our relationship at first started out as any other; we talked regularly, ate a couple of lunches together and hung out with the same group of friends but became particularly close. In the fall of my sophomore year, he asked me out on a date. This caught me off guard. I really enjoyed his friendship and didn’t want to jeopardize the dynamic of our friend group. The risk of losing Martin as a great friend if a romantic relationship didn’t work out weighed heavy on me. I especially did not want to complicate things and as hard as it was to tell him I wanted to remain just friends, we continued to talk to each other and we ended up growing closer once we got past the initial awkwardness. We continued to spend considerable amounts of time together which led me to realize I had developed romantic feelings for him. He had made me feel a way that I have never really felt before. He would put a smile on my face whenever I would see him and being with him made me feel safe. To my luck, he drew up the courage to ask me out again even after I had rejected him. I said yes and since that day, we have been inseparable.

We recently celebrated our 5 year anniversary in November. I consider myself to be very lucky that he asked me out a second time because I cannot imagine my life without him and our story turning out any other way.

how they asked

Since last winter, we had been planning a trip to Disney World with a couple that we have been close friends with for many years. I’ve never been to Disney World so I was both excited and anxious at the same time. Normally Martin and I would go on vacation in the Poconos in the fall but this year we wanted something different. Disney was a place that I had only heard of but never experienced for myself. Little did I know, he and our close friends were using our vacation to create the most perfect proposal. On our second day of the trip, we arrived at Magic Kingdom early before breakfast to fulfill our plan of taking photos in front of the castle before the park got too crowded. It started out with a couple of group photos in front of the castle and then our friends did some couple shots together. Their cute and humorous poses made Martin and I excited for our pictures. When it was our turn, Martin took my hand and led me to the spot where we stood side by side with the castle in the background. The photographer snapped away and directed us to strike poses that seemed silly, yet remarkable at the same time. In one particular pose, Martin and I were standing back to back with our arms crossed. When we finished that pose and turned around to face one another I saw him go down on one knee, holding a ring box in his hand.


I was immediately flooded with different emotions ranging from disbelief to shock—all of which I could not contain. I started to cry from the surprise of the moment and the endearing things he was saying.


Caught up in the moment and with tears streaming down my cheeks, I responded enthusiastically with a big yes!  Then I realized that I actually responded before he even opened the ring box. Laughing at the moment, he opened the box to reveal the most beautiful halo engagement ring that was more stunning than I ever could imagine.


Looking back, I never knew what the magic of Disney truly meant but after that moment, it has become absolutely clear. He made that moment full of love and truly made me feel like a princess in the happiest place on earth.