Stephanie and Mark

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How We Met

We worked together for years at a steakhouse in Baltimore, MD! We became friends because of some mutual friends. After work, we’d all go out to the bar for late-night food and drinks. After food, we’d talk for hours in the car before heading home, we talked about people we were seeing, problems we were having in our personal lives, work, our families, basically everything we could think of.

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After a few years, we were both single and I grew interested. I had just come out of a serious relationship and wasn’t looking for anything serious to move on to, but I knew he was always a good time, so we hung out more and casually started talking. After a couple of months, he introduced me to his family as his girlfriend. It took us 7 years to get to where we are today!

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How They Asked

We’ve traveled the world together. Literally! We’ve visited a number of countries as individuals, but together we’ve adventured to 15 countries together! All our trips have been random places all over the world, he’s the planner. It’s the only time in his life I’ve ever seen him actually plan ahead! He surprised me with a trip to Egypt for a belated birthday/Valentine’s present. (We decided years ago we would stop buying each other random things we didn’t need, so instead, we adventured on trips together!) After the year we’ve all had, I gladly and anxiously accepted the trip and figured why not travel to Africa during a pandemic! The travel time was about 16-17 hours from DC to Cairo. Needless to say, we were exhausted. Upon arrival, we saw our view from our balcony! Pyramids!! It was so beautiful. The next day we got to ride camels around the great pyramids. Once we arrived, the guide had us take pictures and I turned around to find him down on one knee with a box open in front of me! “I don’t want to wait anymore, I love you, will you marry me?” I cried for what it felt like was forever!

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