Stephanie and Lorenzo


How We Met

Our first official meeting was at a track meet in Hampton, VA. I was a freshman running for North Carolina A&T State University and Steph was a sophomore at Christopher Newport University. We were both dating other people at the time, but happened to cross paths at the track meet. Steph and her friend looked me up on Facebook and her friend sent me a friend request. Her friend and I had some small talk, but nothing further as I was in a relationship. We would all talk on occasions through our college years, and saw each other a couple times, but never thought we would be where we are today.

Proposal Ideas Norwegian Getaway Cruise

Fast forward 4 years (Steph and I are both single), she and her friend were planning a trip to New York to see her cousin. Me being the gentleman I am :-), I offered an alternative plan for their trip to save a little money and show them a good time in Philly. I had a few friends in the Pennsylvania area and I was living in Limerick, PA for work at the time, so I suggested they come up on Friday and we go into Philly Friday night and NYC Saturday.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Norwegian Getaway Cruise

The original plan was for her friend and I to start talking, but while in NYC earlier that day I had a feeling that somehow Steph and I were going to end up together. Not thinking it would have happened that night, we had a few drinks, danced a little and exchanged a few kisses and the rest is history. There was somewhat of an awkward ride home for Steph and her friend, but they are still best friends and we all still travel together to this day. It is truly a tale of everything happens for a reason and what is meant to be will be.


how they asked

The first step of course was to get her Father’s blessing to ask for her hand in marriage. From there the planning began. We had been trying to get both our families to go on a cruise together for a couple years now, and this time the timing was perfect. Her Mom’s friend, Stacy King-Nesby got word of the plan and immediately assisted me with the planning process. The original plan was just to sing one of her favorite songs by John Legend – You and I at karaoke night. Stacy had been in contact with the cruise director, Silas to help coordinate the big event, but the day I wanted to propose they didn’t have karaoke. Silas and Stacy put together an even better plan because they were playing the Newlywed, Not So Newlywed Game that night which was the perfect lead in for the proposal.

Shortly before the game ended, Silas requested everyone in the auditorium stick around because there would be a big surprise for everyone. I excused myself to “go to the bathroom” and Stacy & Peter had put together a slideshow with various pictures since we had started dating. The music started playing in the background and I entered from the other side to serenade her with her favorite song.


The tears started flowing and I almost shed a tear myself. Shortly after the proposal and my speech, Stacy & Peter managed to include one last surprise which was a special video message from John Legend himself wishing us well in our future.


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