Stephanie and Larry

Stephanie and Larry's Engagement in Carter Mountain Orchard in Charlottsville, VA

How We Met

Larry and I worked together and I was really hesitant to date someone in my office. It made it extremely hard because I was instantly attracted to him and eventually, after hanging out in a group with other coworkers, we couldn’t ignore our chemistry any longer. After that, we were pretty much inseparable.

How They Asked

After 3 wonderful years of dating my 25th birthday was right around the corner. I had always wanted to have a professional photo shoot together; so, he planned a day to visit a picturesque apple orchard and have some photos taken of us for my birthday as my present. Knowing I had to have everything perfect for our first professional photos together, he couldn’t keep this a surprise. We found the most perfect spot down by the lake surrounded by apple trees and the most breathtaking views of the fall leaves and Charlottesville Mountains. I absolutely love everything about fall! As we started to take pictures, the photographer guided me to look away from Larry and into the apple trees. I thought to myself, “well that’s kind of weird, but you are the expert.” She then told me to slowly look back at him and to my complete surprise; he was down on one knee with the most beautiful custom ring asking me to be his wife.

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It felt like I was in a fairy tale and the photos taken of this special moment are something we will treasure and look back on forever!

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Special Thanks

Ashley Cox
 | Photographer
Jessica Zimmer
 | Personal Stylist