Stephanie and Kyle

Wedding Proposal Ideas in At his parent's house in Washington state

How We Met

We met at the Naval Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois while we were both there for boot camp. He used to stand behind me in line and “accidentally” kick the back of my feet and I would quickly turn slightly to tell him to stop. We didn’t have much interaction until afterward when we were both stationed at the same training center for school and he had messaged me on facebook and told me a group from our division was getting together to hang out and asked me to join. We spent the entire night talking to each other and every free time we had after that night we would spend time together. One weekend we spent in Chicago and on the train ride back we had shared our first kiss and I knew immediately he was the one. The following week we learned we would be stationed on opposite ends of the country, he would go to his home state of Washington and I would go to Virginia. So we decided to remain friends. I had left for deployment in 2012 and we continued to keep in touch, when I came back he left for deployment in 2013 and when he finally returned we decided to try long distance. We would visit each other once a year until I left the navy and was able to move to his current duty station in San Diego in 2017.

how they asked

Kyle had planned a fun and romantic day on Mount Hood in Washington while we were there visiting his family for Christmas, however, I had made plans with his family and he had told me we were going snowboarding so I wasn’t interested at the time. Therefore, he had changed his plans and waited until the next day on Christmas Eve after we had opened gifts. We started cleaning up when he stood right in front of me and announced he had one more present. He turned around, got down on one knee and said: “I know this has been a long time coming, but I would be honored if you would be my wife…” I immediately started crying and screamed yes before he could finish and I dropped to my knees, wrapped my arms around him and just kept saying, “Yes! I can’t believe you did this! I can’t believe you did this! I love you! Yes!” We skyped my family in Texas and shared the good news. After dating 4 1/2 years, 2 deployments, living on opposite ends of the country and only seeing each other once a year, I finally get to marry my best friend.

Special Thanks

Tobias Ogden