Stephanie and Kory

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How We Met

It all began in October 2011 when Kory’s fraternity and my sorority were paired together for Homecoming in college. I walked into a party, proudly sporting my new Tune Squad jersey, and Kory immediately appeared in the doorway and said, “You would.” The confused look on my face prompted him to clarify, “You would wear a Tune Squad jersey.” I nodded in agreement and brushed past him to catch a seat on the couch. Not long after, he approached me on the couch and asked why I wasn’t dancing (mind you, nobody else was dancing). He grabbed my hand and started dancing with me. Later that weekend, we were at a Halloween party together and he was about to leave without getting my number. I stopped him, shoved my phone in his hand, and told him to put his number in it. We started texting and went on our first date to Andy’s Frozen Custard about a week later.

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how they asked

Unbeknownst to me, Kory started planning the proposal months before he dropped down on one knee. He mentioned he wanted to go on a fountain tour in Kansas City because he hadn’t seen many of them. Being the fountain lover I am, I immediately agreed. He eventually said the real reason he wanted to go was because he needed to “scope out places to propose next year.” On September 30, 2017, we headed down to the Plaza and walked along Brush Creek. We grabbed lunch at Kona (happy hour too, score!). Then we continued the fountain tour by walking around the Plaza. Kory had a map printed out and a few picked out he particularly wanted to see. At a few along the way he would ask, “So, would this be a good place to propose?” Each time I said, “Yes, but you could propose anywhere and I’d say yes.”

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We finally made our way to the famous JC Nichols Fountain. He again asked, “So would this be a good place to propose?” Again I said, “Yes, Kory. But I told you — you can propose anywhere!” He then said, “Okay, well in that case…” and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. (Clearly I said YES!)

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