Stephanie and Kieran

How We Met

I met my Husband when I was 18 on a night out with my friends. I really liked him straight away and we swapped numbers that night but I Ignored his texts for two weeks because I had just had a bad break up ?. Two weeks later we randomly ran into each other again ! After jokingly scolding me for not replying to him we basically kicked on from where we had left off. It seemed like it had an element of fate to it and he made me really happy at a difficult time. Weve never looked back since ! Just a shame I wasted those first two weeks lol !!

how they asked

He proposed to me on a beautiful beach in Scotland called St Andrews. He even convinced me to unwittingly record parts of it by telling me he wanted to record the weekend away ! He took some sand, some seashells and a haribo ring and turned them into my beautiful engagement ring.

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