Stephanie and Kevin

how we met

I met Stephanie while visiting my friend in Colorado. She was out with friends and we just happened to catch each other’s eye from across the room. I walked over and we started to chat. I told her she had a beautiful smile. She told me that my fantasy football team was garbage…

how they asked

I had always known that I wanted to propose to Stephanie on a hike somewhere beautiful. We both love the outdoors and it just seemed right. As the days got colder, I knew that I needed to make a plan or wait until after winter. I remember telling this to my brother, and he suggested Zion National Park. When I asked Stephanie if she would want to make the trip, she told me that she had always wanted to hike Angel’s Landing! Perfect! So, in collaboration with Stephanie’s mother, and unbeknownst to Stephanie, I hired a photographer to brave the treacherous trek up the mountain and snap a picture of the big surprise. The weather was perfect, the hike was beautiful, and everything went exactly as planned!

Special Thanks

Megan Marie Photography
 | Photography
Zion National Park
 | Location