Stephanie and Kevin

How We Met

I was 19 when I met Kevin. I was working in the restaurant industry and a co-worker was having a Halloween party. I had no interest in going, but one of my friends convinced me by letting me borrow an old costume of hers and said I could crash at her house after which was in the same neighborhood. I remember it clear as day walking up to the door at the party and Kevin standing right there in the doorway. He was dressed in orange overalls and no shirt. I don’t even remember what I was dressed as. However, he introduced himself and as did I. Really that was it. I made my way in and started hanging out and playing games with people from work. A couple hours went by and I’m sitting at the kitchen table playing a game and I look up and Kevin is standing in the hallway directly across signaling me to come over to him. I did the whole “looking around the room” motion to see if he was actually talking to me.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At our home

Well, he was. I get up and walk over. He proceeds to tell me he left the party after meeting me and went to another party he had also committed to that night. However, he came back to tell me that he couldn’t stop thinking about me and had to come back to see me. So he did and asked if I would go on a date with him. Well, the rest is kind of history. We have been together ever since and I am 28 now. We have lived together for (almost) 2 years. The only reason I fully moved into his house was that we both wanted a puppy and we all know they are like a baby. So we both, wanted to be able to be there and take care of him. I truly feel like everything happens for a reason. Kevin knows if it wasn’t for me pushing to go to this rescue “pop up” at a park and fill out paperwork to be considered we would not have our dog, Levi. He is the best thing in the world.. He is our world!

Where to Propose in At our home

how they asked

Where to begin.. Kevin and I have been together for almost 9 years this fall. Around the beginning of the year Kevin said that he wanted to go on an “epic road trip” this summer. So he planned everything (which isn’t really like him to plan everything). So I had some suspicion of him maybe proposing. He planned a road trip out west for us to rent a car and drive what was almost 1,900 miles in 7 days. It was going to be my birthday while we were gone. It was the day before us leaving and both of our schedules were jammed packed. Literally, it was going to be us rushing to get to the airport the next day. So I was up late packing. Out of nowhere, Kevin said, “Hey, I got you something little for your birthday and want to just go ahead and give it to you before we leave.” I’m not kidding when I say he just sounded so nonchalant about it. So I even said, “well do you just want to give it to me when we get back?” And he was like “Noo…. I’ll give it to you now.” So I go to sit on the couch as he brings out 2 medium sized bags with tissue paper. He says, “here, open this one first.” I open it up to see it is a photo album. Now, mind you… we have so many pictures that neither one of us ever print out from the past 9 years. So I’m sitting here going through the album and LOVING it.

Seeing all these pictures that have been on his phone I even forgot we took together. I just remember thinking at that moment while looking at the pictures this was such a great/thoughtful gift considering all the money we were spending on this upcoming trip. I get done looking at the first album and he hands me the second bag which is another whole album filled with more pictures. So many throwbacks to our first few years dating. So I’m just loving every second of seeing all these great moments and I get to the last page and there it was….. A picture of Levi sitting in the backyard next to a sign that said, “Momma, will you marry Daddy?” My jaw dropped and I was in complete shock. I look up at Kevin and he has the biggest smile on his face. He gets down on his knee and says, “ I love you… I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” Of course, I said yes and just had to take a minute to process it all. He said to me… I was planning on doing it on our trip, but I had to include Levi in all of this. So I guess you could say the next day we left and went on our week trip that was our “engagement-moon”… it was the best trip ever!! My heart is full!