Stephanie and Kenny

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How We Met

I met Kenny at my Uncle’s wedding when I was visiting Colorado back in 2013. He showed up to the reception and my brother ended up ditching me, so we ended up hanging out for the next 24 hours. He hung out with me and my entire family, happily, and the guy really made me smile :) I ended up moving to Colorado a couple months later and he was my brother’s roommate (just imagine how that went over). He had a girlfriend at the time, so I just appreciated him from a distance! Then a couple months passed and they had a Super Bowl party, in which someone had asked Kenny “how his girlfriend was,” and he responded with “what girlfriend?” As an Illinois native, I was unaware of Colorado’s liquor laws and had no idea there was such a thing as “3.2% alcohol.” So when I moved here I was buying beer and things from grocery stores not knowing- well hello Super Bowl party and 4 Mike’s Harder lemonade 16oz cans in an hour from an actual liquor store, and I’m sitting in his lap and whispering sweet nothings into his ear! In front of my mother! AND his! AND about 30 other people! He came to realize that he either had to stop talking to me all together- or marry me one day, because he loved my entire family (and they really loved him as well). Well, I think we both ended up getting exactly what we wanted :)

p.s. my brother is okay with it now :)

p.s.s sorry for the many photos – he just makes me smile :)

(About an hour after we first met)

Christmas sweater first reveal ;D

(Funny fact- don’t tell anyone- I’m a graphic designer and I photoshopped that awesome beachy hair on myself- my hair was in a wet ponytail- awful)

Stephanie and Kenny's Engagement in Stanley Hotel, Estes Park CO

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how they asked

We attended the Halloween Masquerade ball at the most beautiful Stanley Hotel in Estes Park this past October, because I happen to be a horror nut. So during my most favorite time of year, this brilliant and very handsome man, asked me to be his forever. After trying to get me to leave the front row of the masquerade ball concert for 2 hours- he finally succeeded- and as we walked out the doors he asked a girl to take our photo. *He would later tell me, he approached this girl and her girlfriend, whispered “I’m about to propose take a million pictures!” She did amazing!* BUT- (He hates taking photos- hmmm). So I was like WOW babe, look at you, but really what’s up with that? But he knows me too well, and to propose on a magical and beautifully horrific evening at a haunted landmark was my version of perfection. He told me that night he would make me smile at least once a day- for the rest of my life. He hasn’t broken that promise in almost 4 years, I love that man.

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