Stephanie and Justin's Beautiful Santorini Marriage Proposal

What made our proposal truly so amazing was not just the actual proposal but our love story. I met Justin, the love of my life when he was 17 years old and I was 15. We met on a 7 day cruise in Hawaii and for both of us, it was love at first sight.


I lived in Florida and he lived in Missouri, but distance did not stop us. We did long distance for two entire years, until he made the decision to move to Florida to be with me. We have been together for 8 years ever since.


We knew that we wanted to get married  from the moment we met, but being young we knew that we wanted to wait until we got older and grew up together. Finally at 25, he had just graduated with his MBA and gotten his first job. The previous summer we had visited Santorini for the first time and I had fallen in love, saying it was the most romantic place I had ever visited. Justin asked me this year if I wanted to take a Europe trip and visit Santorini again, and of course I said yes, remembering how romantic and perfect it was. Little did I know that this would be the place that the man of my dreams asked me to marry him.

He started this amazing proposal by telling me he was going to take me to a gorgeous dinner in Santorini and to dress really nice. Then once we got there and were seated, the owner came over and told us that they were doing a raffle to win this beautiful table that was in the middle of the venue. Next thing you know, we won the raffle and were selected to dine at this beautifully decorated table.

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Once there, we sat down, drinking champagne and enjoying the view and our dinner. Right after dinner, a waiter appeared with a silver tray and a gold box, Justin took the box, and I was waiting in antipication wondering what was going on. He opened the box, and revealed a beautiful pebble engraved with our initials and gave me a cute speech about how penguins find their mates and give them pebbles. Right after, our song (I don’t want to miss a thing by aerosmith) began to play and he asked me to dance. We were dancing in eachothers arms while the sun was setting and that is when he decided to get down on one knee and propose. It was truly the most perfect and happy moment in my life and I am so excited to call this man my fiance!!!


To finish off the night, we watched breathtaking fireworks under the stars, and then went back to our hotel room, which had been decorated with rose petals, and he gave me a card he had hand-drawn telling me how excited he was to marry me. <3


Photos by Trifon Trifonopoulous  |  Video by Achieallas | Planning by Elena Kassapidou