Stephanie and Justin

How We Met

Justin and I met through Facebook technically. We both went to the same highschool but he only knew me in high school, I did not know him. He messaged me after I posted that I needed help from someone tall to hang up pictures in my new apartment. He then private messaged me to see if I really did need help still and offered a helping hand. Unfortunately we were not able to make it work for him stopping over to help me out but shortly after we did actually see each other out at a local bar with a group of mutual friends. After that night he then private messaged me again starting up more conversation. I gave him my number and shortly after we then started going on a couple dates. Here were are now…

how they asked

Justin is the sneakiest person to roam the land. During this past February, Justin asked me to go ice skating with him and some friends. He asked if I would be okay being filmed in the background of his friend playing guitar. They were going to eventually make this into a music video for his friends YouTube account. Of course me being the gullible girl that I am believed all of this. We set out on that frigid February 8th night to skate around at the VFW park in De Pere. It was so cold but so much fun at the same time. Justin’s friend was making us do some different skating techniques so he could get some great shots for the video. We skated around for about 20 minutes before Justin started acting quite strange. He kept skating away from me and not right next to me. I was getting frustrated that he wasn’t near me when I wasn’t really familiar with these people and on top of that he was racing all around while I was just on my own waiting for the next film shot. Keith (the videographer) asked Justin if he had a lens whip for him to use because it was quite cold and his lens started to fog. Justin of course raced right over to fetch Keith the lens cloth leaving me to skate around in circles and continue to look at my toe-pick on my ice skates. When Justin had returned he looked so flustered and I kept asking what’s wrong and still completely blasé about what was really going on. Not putting any of the pieces together that he was about to ask me the best question I have ever had the pleasure of answering. He told me just to keep this as simple as can be. Just like my favorite style of Mid-Century Modern: simple but elegant. At this point I am just like “J Dubs, what is wrong with you?” finally he gets down on one knee and asks “Miss Stephanie Anne Roskam, Will you do me the pleasure of being with me for the rest of our lives?” I was just stunned. I honestly think I blacked out for a second or two. Justin had to say something again to bring me back a little. “Stephanie, I am basically asking you to marry me!” At this point I of course screamed YES! I was just so stunned and un-warned it took me a second to realize what was ultimately happening. I was just balling at this point. So very overwhelmed with happiness that it came in the form of tears. He finally got up from the cold ice and held me closely. We cried, laughed, kissed, and just lived in that very moment for a little longer not even realizing that other people were around us at that point. Of course at that point Keith let me know that he wanted to be there for any other big moments throughout the engagement so that he could film more and create a video from all of this so we could keep forever. This is huge to me. It will be something I cherish for the rest of my existence. I told Justin that all I really care about is having the memory that lasts with photos of some sort. Justin, the wonderful man that he is, exceeded all of my expectations and captured this moment for me forever through video. I adore this man beyond measure.

Image 1 of Stephanie and Justin

Image 2 of Stephanie and Justin

Special Thanks

Keith Archiquette
 | Photography