Stephanie and Julio

How We Met

Here we go…Of course I was LO’d out and one of my closes friends (Comper Norman) and I decided to stroll into Cafe de Paris in #London in Picadilly Circus. It was a packed night guest-list only. Music was blaring like a herd of buffaloes stampeding, lights were flashing like a glimpse of every New Year’s firework spectacular going off right in front of your face at once, condensation was rising similar to a nice and smooth 10 footer forming that perfect lip to cover you completely and submerge you to becoming one with the water, along with the beat undulating perpetually back and forth like trying to hammer in a nail with your forehead.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Scotland, UK

The heat permeated through my exclusives into the earth and rebounded with an electrifying pulse of life. Whilst having an energetic exchange with other electrifying life forms, there was one particular soul who among the rest using this fission process freeing herself and releasing a very large amount of energy, the type of energy that absorbs you, takes over you, extirpates you to only realizing that the only thing that matters is what is right in front of you.

how they asked

The video explains it best but, the premise of our lovely story is that we both share the mutual love of dance. We were invited to be apart of a world championship event with over 300 countries attending. The event was being held in Glasgow, Scotland. So here i am at the airport about to go through the metal detectors hoping i can get through with them not stopping me and blowing the whole surprise down the drain. Luckily they sent me to lane 2 and i went through without any problems. The day of the finals of the competition Stephanie had to do her solo and the only person other than myself that knew it was about to go down was the M.C. I whispered on stage to him that i need him to make sure after her solo that he places her directly center stage, he agreed.

Stephanie's Proposal in Scotland, UK

As Stephanie finished her dance solo she stopped centered stage and I ran out with a ring in my hand, dropped down on one knee and asked her if she would marry me. NOW…. Mind you she had just finished dancing 3 1/2 minutes and she was deprived of oxygen. So with no saliva in her mouth she tried to say yes but no words were coming out so she nodded yes and the whole arena went crazy 40,000+ people cheering, screaming, clapping, and dancing. FYI if you are wondering how i captured the whole thing I had three cameras recording at the same time. #cesphanie

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Special Thanks

Christina Aguilera
Literally released a new song that my fiance used to win my heart once again