Stephanie and Josh

How We Met: It’s amazing how someone can go through their whole lives not knowing the person they will one day marry. I lived almost 21 years of my life not knowing Josh — and for another three years I literally passed him in hallways and sat behind him in classrooms, completely oblivious to the red-haired back of a head that belonged to my future husband.

Image 1 of Stephanie and Josh

In my junior year of college, I was very close to the students and professors in my academic department. One of my professors told me after a great class that I should really listen to Josh when he made comments about the film we’d watched, because I would probably agree. It’s odd, but once that professor told me to pay attention, I couldn’t stop noticing and looking at Josh. Incredibly smart, a great sense of humor and such a kind heart? I was a goner. It took less than a month of shy friendship (on his end) and unabashed flirting (on mine) before he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Image 2 of Stephanie and Josh
Image 3 of Stephanie and Josh

how they asked: We’ve been together almost three years, and went for a walk together the other night on the university campus. We both hadn’t really been on campus since we graduated. As we walked back along those paths, Josh would point out parts of the world we fell in love with – “Look, that’s where we played cricket with the history department…” or “Over there, remember when I sent you a picture of that tree when you were sick and missed the first snow?”

As we walked I couldn’t help but smile remembering how our relationship grew at school. I said “You know, I actually was really here,” and when he asked why, I told him it was because I met my best friend. He then began to smile and got down on one knee, and pulled out the ring box.

Image 4 of Stephanie and Josh

I am so lucky I get to be his wife.