Stephanie and Josh

How We Met

Josh and I met on OkCupid 6/29/15. We decided to meet in person 7/7/15 and become official 7/24/15. Our favorite activities are wrestling and Disneyland!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Between Disneyland and CA Adventures

Stephanie and Josh's Engagement in Between Disneyland and CA Adventures

how they asked

Monday 6/3/17 I revived a text asking to play a game. I had to collect 5 notes. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I found hand written notes around my house. Thursday afternoon roses were delivered to my work with the 4th note. Friday morning (the day we met in person 2 years ago) we went to Disneyland. Right before the fireworks he handed me my phone with a video message. He led me out to the middle of both parks while I was listening to his message. In it he explained to enjoy the ride and I was about to get my 5th note. He hands me the wrote that has the last poem. At the bottom it says close your eyes turn around and make a wish. When I turned around he was on one knee! I immediately said yes! I was greeted by both our immediate families. It was my dream proposal exceeded!

Our Video

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