Stephanie and Josh

Image 1 of Stephanie and Josh

How We Met

Josh and I met on an online dating app but we happened to live across the street from one another! I like to say there’s a chance we could have met by chance on the street. Throughout our time dating, we’ve always enjoyed doing high adrenaline activities together. We’ve taken trapeze classes, gone indoor skydiving, and been to many amusement parks.

Image 5 of Stephanie and Josh

How They Asked

I had been on high alert for a proposal from Josh for the last year. I was convinced I’d come home with a ring after our vacation to Italy and France. There was even an ill-timed shoelace tying incident on the Eiffel Tower, but no ring! I gave Josh such a hard time after we came home from our vacation. A few months later, Josh planned to surprise me at another Eiffel Tower, this one at one of my favorite places, Kings Dominion amusement park.

Image 2 of Stephanie and Josh

He planned the day, purchased the ring, and got directions to the special spot from my sister. The day didn’t work out quite as planned though. The ring was delayed in the mail so a replacement ring and ring box had to be quickly sourced. I was in full roller-coaster riding mode and directed Josh away from the route to the replica Eiffel Tower.

Image 4 of Stephanie and Josh

With some quick thinking, Josh popped the question at the location of one of my favorite rides instead. I was so excited I can’t remember saying “Yes!” but I do remember taking the ring out of the box and putting it my finger myself. We spent the rest of the day calling our family and friends in between riding roller coasters.

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Special Thanks

Christa Rae
 | Photographer