Stephanie and Joseph

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How We Met

Joe and I have been together since I was a freshman in high school and he was a junior. We are truly highschool sweethearts. Never in a million years did I think I would find a man as amazing as him. Our story is pretty funny. When we first started talking Joe had fractured his ankle and was on crutches. I was walking in the same room that he was and he opened the door for me. It was so sweet that he couldn’t even barely walk but stood there to open the door for me. And as he did he called me the wrong name. Embarrassing much? But it was all good. That was the start of it all. He asked me for my number and I gave it to him. We went on our first date the night of my birthday where he stood me up. Yes, he stood me up, ON MY BIRTHDAY, and I stayed with him. The story gets better just wait. My mom and I had decided to go watch a different movie since Joe never showed up. Little did I know, he was running late, my phone had no service where we were so I couldn’t get any texts. He bought two tickets to the later movie instead, not knowing if he’d find me that night or not. He also went through the whole entire movie theater in the movie we were supposed to be watching looking for me. After my movie had ended he just so happened to see my moms car start to pull out and he ran across the parking lot flagging us down. After explaining the situation to me I went with him to the later movie and that night he asked me to be his girlfriend. 5 years later and I’m now his fiancé!

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how they asked

Joe had scheduled spring pictures for us since I wanted to do some professional pictures so badly. 5 years together and we didn’t have a single professional picture together, besides prom. On March 3, 2018, I got myself ready and he did as well and we met our photographer in this beautiful grassy area. I had told Joe I wanted pictures in a grassy field, this is the closest we could get. As our photo session started Joe made me laugh through the whole thing. Every little pose we did he would laugh or whisper stuff in my ear to make me laugh.

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Our photographer had put us in a pose we had already done previously and told us the picture turned out blurry. (Joe was supposed to have proposed the first time we did it but didn’t take the hint.) I was standing in front of Joe and he was some distance back. As our photographer snapped the pictures we were posed as though Joe was staring at me from a distance and admiring me.

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Sweet pose. Our photographer told me to turn around and go to Joe for a different pose and as I did he was down on one knee. Tears poured from my eyes as he asked me to marry him. Finally, after 5 years I get to marry my best friend!

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Special Thanks

Brittany Dean
 | Photographer