Stephanie and Jose

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How We Met

A friend from work wanted to play match-maker and Julie said she had a guy from her CrossFit box that would be perfect for me. I told her OK but only if she sends me pictures!! Once I opened the text, my eyes popped open…I went to high school with this guy!! Told Julie I never met him but we played sports at the same time! Jose did a little stalking on Facebook and Instagram :) and we exchanged numbers and decided to met at his CrossFit box for a workout and go to dinner after the workout. During dinner, I remember smiling and laughing the whole time! I hadn’t laughed like that for awhile and it felt good to connect with someone who has so much in common with me and the fact that he does CrossFit was a plus…he squats ladies!!! lol We said our good-byes and was hoping for a text for another date…Jose’s timing was perfect, a call to ask for another date!! From there the rest is history…

how they asked

Two years into our relationship had us full in love and so many great memories we shared. It was time for another memory when we were traveling to San Diego for a CrossFit competition our friend was in. It was a Saturday and Jose, my sister and our friend Anjela said they had to “go to the store” before going back to the house for dinner. So I stayed behind with our other friends; Arthur and Heather to wait for Mark to be done and all drive back together. Once we got back to the house, I had this feeling like something was about to happen – Jose being a cheesy romantic or even a PROPOSAL. Jose then called and text (multiple times) me saying to come down to the beach for a few minutes because he “found something cool”, I immediately rolled my eyes and told him I’ll be down shortly. So Heather told me let’s go because Jose and my sister wanted us to go down to the beach – again that feeling just kept coming through. When we were heading up the stairs, I saw candles along the steps and my heart started beating like crazy but Jose was no where in sight so ignored it and just kept walking. Then I saw something standing in the sand which got my heart beating even faster…what is he up too?!?! We then got to the beach and once we got to a certain part, Heather turned to me and said “go ahead and walk…” All I see is Jose standing in the sand and with those white poster boards in the sand, as I get closer the poster boards had pictures of us throughout the two years – our “memories” we shared. When I reached Jose, I remember asking him “what’s going on?, what are you doing?” He then grabbed my hands and looked into my eyes to tell me he loved me and…OK embarrassing moment, I was in shock and so nervous that I do not remember what Jose said when he proposed, I had him repeat it that night and it was BEAUTIFUL!! lol. Jose told me to walk to the last sign, the last sign read “Will You Marry Me?” I looked at Jose and he dropped to one knee and asked if I’ll marry him. I dropped to my knees and hugged him and told him YES!!! It was the most romantic setting I could ever ask for; the beach at sunset, just me and him, and saying YES to my best friend and the love of my life! I love you Jose and can’t wait to be your wife!!!

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