Stephanie and Jose

Wedding Proposal Ideas in San Francisco: Pier 1

How We Met

So how we met was we used to work together. I actually knew him before that when I met him at a job I applied to and he didn’t remember me but I remembered him. Maybe it was how nice and sweet he was and maybe it was his smile or his pretty colored eyes that changed color. Either way, I remembered him fully.

So I was doing training at our job one day in Dublin, CA and his coworkers made him come talk to me because they thought I was younger than I was and they wanted him to talk to me and ask questions. We worked together with animals and it was through our love of animals that brought us together.

Fast forward several months later, it was his birthday and I was in a bad place in my life from horrible previous relationships where I needed to gain my confidence and self back before getting into another relationship. He asked me to hang out and we did and I could tell he liked me a lot. I liked him too but wasn’t ready and thinking back, I regretted that decision but that’s ok because it brought us to here and when I was ready, I wanted to be with him. Since then, our relationship has grown and become more amazing than ever before with so much love and we will be getting married soon! I get to marry my Best friend in the whole world and I am glad to have him in my life. My life would never be complete without him! Together we have made many memories and look forward to a lifetime to happiness and love!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in San Francisco: Pier 1

Engagement Proposal Ideas in San Francisco: Pier 1

Stephanie's Proposal in San Francisco: Pier 1

Stephanie and Jose's Engagement in San Francisco: Pier 1

How They Asked

So for the proposal, it was a surprise. During this time, it was around my birthday and he told me he was taking me to the city for my birthday. I was hoping there was more but was fine if not. I was just glad to spend any moment with my one true love!

So we get to Pier 1 on the embarcadero and it was in front of the Bay Bridge above is. He turns to me and tells me, let’s take a picture. So I thought “oh ok sounds good” and so he grabs a tourist couple who takes our picture. When the picture was over, we thanked them and then he turns to them and says: “Wait… I have one more surprise…” I didn’t know what to expect. He said his sweet and romantic spiel and then, got down on one knee and proposed with this beautiful Neil Lane ring! I, of course, said yes and what was more amazing is he planned the whole thing and the tourist couple took pictures and video of that moment! They were amazing!

He told me he wanted to involve our families but didn’t do so because if he did, I would know for sure what was going on.

So now May 2019, I get to marry my best friend in the whole world and we will be joined to become one!

Thank you to the tourist couple, the people at the restaurant, both our families and God for bringing us together and making this happen.


Stephanie & Jose Ibarra

Special Thanks

Max Lomboy
 | Photographer