Stephanie and Jon

How We Met

Even though Jon doesn’t like to admit it, we met online. Jon and I talked for a while before finally being able to meet for our first date! He canceled so many times I was starting to wonder if he even wanted to actually go out with me. A girlfriend told me to forget it and not reschedule. Boy, was she wrong! Finally, we got together for our first date at a local Mexican restaurant in the city. I was nervous. More nervous than any other date. I look back on it laughing because Jon ordered a Jim Beam and Coke and I thought it was I prefer it over any mixed other drink! After a great conversation and lots of laughing, at the end of the night, I knew there was something special about him and this could be the start of something special. To me, he is perfect. We both enjoy the Amer things and are always outside doing something together. From the very beginning being with Jon was always an exciting adventure!

How They Asked

Jon and I were in Utah for a mountain bike even. We stayed at a pretty unique “glamping” site near the event. We ate dinner there and got settled and at dusk, Jon suggested we go check out one of the friends behind our tent. My feet were pretty sore from all the walking we did earlier in the day, so I threw on flip flops not thinking we’d go very far. As we’re walking up the trail I kept stopping every couple of feet to take a picture of something. For a brief second I looked at his back pocket because I thought “Just maybe…” but I didn’t see a box so I just kept on walking and taking pictures. We finally get to a higher part of the trial and stopped to look at the amazing red rock mountains behind us.

Jon thought it would be a neat picture if he took one of me from behind looking at the mountains. Little did he know I was going to ask him to take that exact picture! Jon started to take a couple and as I started to turn around I saw he was fidgeting with something and quickly said “one more!” So I turned around for one last Picture. After he took it I turned around and he was on one knee! I couldn’t believe I was finally getting engaged to the love of my life in one of the most amazing places I have ever been! I started sobbing and of course, said yes!