Stephanie and John

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How We Met

We met at Wall Retro I saw Stephanie in the gym and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her…but she left before I could talk to her. I did some investigations and long story short I met her and confirmed that yup I fell in love. We became gym buddies to best friends to madly in love with each other and now engaged.

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how they asked

It was called “operation sandy knee” Since we went to Belmar marina as much as we can for the sunset, there was no question that’s where I was going to ask. The Nike work out shoes that say “marry me” the sunflower because she loves sunflowers, the love book to just add a special touch. It was perfect. With the help of her sisters and my friends Mike, Jarrod, Jackie, and Mackenzie. Operation Sandy Knee went perfectly.

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Special Thanks

Dave Hernandez