Stephanie and Joel

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Grand Rapids, Michigan

On New Years Eve we planned Joel and I planned on cooking a steak dinner, going ice skating downtown and then going to a friends house to watch the ball drop. After dinner, we headed downtown to go skating. After about an hour, I was cold and ready to leave but Joel decided we should stop to get some hot cholocate right across the street. I was ready to see our friends and go to the party, but Joel stopped me and said “we have to wait around, I have a surprise for you”. We walked around Grand Rapids for an hour and then we walked to the surprise and a horse drawn carriage pulled up! I told him 2 years prior I wanted to do that! After the carriage ride, we started to walk back to the car and he stopped me infront of the big Christmas tree they have by the ice ring. He took out a letter and said we needed to reflect on 2016. I opened the letter and it was our 5 year relationship written out. I got to the last two lines which read: now I need to ask you the most important question of my life. Take a deep breath.” When I looked up he pulled the most gorgeous ring out of his pocket and got down on one knee!