Stephanie and Jay

How We Met

Jay and I met through mutual friends. My former coworker and Jay were neighbors growing up. We had met and hung out together plenty of times over the years but were always dating other people. One night in 2013, we out in our hometown of Myrtle Beach and bumped into each other. We were each doing our own thing with different groups of people but we chatted briefly and exchanged numbers. We texted afterward and talked a few times but with both of us having busy schedules, we could never find time to hang out so the communication fizzled within a few weeks. Fast forward to spring 2014.

Jay posted a status on Facebook saying that he was looking for a new softball team to play for. My brother was looking for players to add to his team so I sent Jay a message. Jay and my brother started playing together and we spent every Tuesday and Thursday in the dugouts together. We started hanging out after the games and finally went on a first date on Sunday. We did a quick lunch because I had schoolwork to do that night. We had hibachi, laughed, joked, and the rest is history! In June 2014, Jay brought me to Charlotte for my birthday. I fell in love with the city and he told me that we would be living here one day. In 2017, we moved the Charlotte and now I am only a few months away from marrying the man of my dreams!

Proposal Ideas Biltmore House, Asheville, NC

How They Asked

Although we have lived in the Carolinas for many years, neither one of us had ever been to Biltmore. We made plans to take a weekend trip during the Christmas season to see all of the trees and holiday decorations. We made plans to travel from Charlotte to Asheville on Friday but a snowstorm swept through North Carolina and we opted to leave Saturday morning instead. We hit the road, driving through the snowcapped mountains and taking in all of the sights (growing up in Myrtle Beach, that wasn’t something we were used to seeing often). We made it Asheville, ate lunch and checked in to the hotel. Jay had big plans for the weekend but I had no clue what was in store! We explored the city a little and then took a nap to prepare for the night.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Biltmore House, Asheville, NC

Jay woke up with a voicemail from the restaurant, saying that our dinner reservations were canceled due to the weather. At this point, Jay was nervous that the rest of the night would not go as planned either. We got ready and went to Downtown Asheville to find another restaurant for dinner and do some sightseeing. The entire time, Jay wouldn’t take his hand out of his jacket pocket but I didn’t notice. We ate dinner at Tupelo Honey Café, one of our favorite places. Afterward, we walked back to our car and traveled to Biltmore as we had tickets to enter the home at 10 pm. When we arrived at the estate, Jay tells me that he wants to take a picture by the big tree out front. We began walking through the snow and ice. Nervous that I would slip and fall, I keep asking Jay “how much further, how much further?”

He was trying to get a good shot for the photographers but I didn’t know that they were there just for us. We made it to “the spot” and then he starts the proposal! He drops down on one knee and the tears start flowing. I said YES! Then cameras began to flash and other visitors in the area began to cheer! It was honestly the best moment of my life! After the initial shock wore off, the photographers came over and introduced themselves. That’s when I found out that they weren’t employees of Biltmore and Jay had hired them to capture the moment! They hung around and we did a mini photo shoot. We called close family and friends and then entered Biltmore which was amazing as well! Waking up the next morning it still didn’t seem real and I felt like the luckiest woman alive. These are photos from our engagement session in Charlotte, NC.

Stephanie's Proposal in Biltmore House, Asheville, NC