Stephanie and Jason

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How We Met

There are usually two things to remember at the workplace: 1. Don’t put anything in the refrigerator 2. Never, ever, date your boss. Unfortunately, nobody ever mentioned the protocol for falling in love with him. I didn’t believe in office romance but Jay quickly became my mentor, my rock, and most importantly my best friend. Of course, we proceeded with caution seeing we were in the corporate world and all, but it’s hard to resist your boss’s charm! Not to mention, office romances are frowned upon in most places. People at work love a bit of gossip because there’s not much going on at a workplace other than work and any interesting news is definitely worth talking about. We even had to go as far as signing a ‘love contract’! Forming a relationship with a coworker is the ultimate mix of business with pleasure. At times, the recipe results in a toxic mess between two Type A personalities (like ourselves). But other times, things work out. You briefly become the power couple of the company with promotions and movement and your desk-mate might just turn out to be your soulmate. I can’t wait to sign an official love contract with him this coming October.

how they asked

Jay asked me to marry him on November 26th. We were snowed in and decorating the Christmas tree along with our apartment. He saved a certain ornament with our picture in it for the top of the tree. By the time I turned around, he was down on one knee. It was intimate and just us. Of course, I had to have no makeup on and was in baggy sweatpants! (He heard about that later). But, it was perfect because it was just us. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. There were a lot of happy tears involved.

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We are getting married at Gilbertsville Farmhouse! Their professionalism was a breath of fresh air. The uniqueness, yet pure elegance of their vision truly matches my dreams. When you walk on the property, the atmosphere speaks for itself.