Stephanie and Jamie

Image 1 of Stephanie and Jamie

How We Met

Working on cruise ships.

How They Asked

Long story short…we went to walk about St. Andrews golf course. As we walked (Jamie ready to purpose) I then say “ is that a dead bird?!?” Moment fail! Then we walk a different route and he starts to get ready again and a tour bus pulls up and people won’t leave…-again moment fail!! Finally, I was strapped in the car, in the car park, starving and freezing. Wondering why he won’t turn the damn car on. Gave him a mentos that said, “add friend”. He then got out of the car after asking if he could ask me a question and I said no! (Because I wanted to get warm n eat), got down on one knee asked me to marry him and I said “ are you being “stupid”?!?…. Finally, I said yes! After seeing his terrified look ha and then we were supposed to be married in Scotland July 2020 but then Corona hit…so we are currently in two separate countries during 2020, hoping we can see each other and get married in 2021!!