Stephanie and Jacob

Stephanie's Proposal in Boyne, Michigan

How We Met

St. Patrick’s Day, 2012.

We met while going out with friends to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at CMU. We hit it off right away, and ended up becoming Facebook friends immediately after.

April, 2012.

Jake invited me to his going away party to say “see you later” before he headed down to Texas to prepare for deployment.

May, 2012.

We started talking daily on Facebook while Jake was in Texas. I was planning on just being a “pen pal” while he was deployed, and we discussed hanging out when he got home the following year. Little did either of us know, talking every day would change that plan!

June, 2012.

Talking on Facebook and Skype every day quickly turned into a romance. Jake said “I love you” first on June 14th. He deployed to Afghanistan shortly after.

July, 2012.

We made it “Facebook official”.

April, 2013.

Jacob surprised me coming home from deployment. I went to lunch with my mom, Erin, and Marco, and we had plans to do some shopping. We went to Frank’s Press Box in West Lansing, and while we were waiting for our food, I was texting Jake who said they were in meetings all day in Texas. When the waitress brought out mom, Erin, and Marco’s food, she said, “and yours is right here…” I turned to thank the person who set down my food, and there he was!

May, 2014.

Jacob moved into dad’s house, and so began our future.

November, 2014-present.

We live together with our 4-legged baby, Koda.

how they asked

April 14, 2017

I had been out state testing for work in Mount Pleasant, and on Thursday of that week, Jacob told me to take off Good Friday because he had it off, and he wanted to take me up north.

That Friday morning, we woke up early and loaded up the truck, Koda included, and made our way to Boyne.

Jacob wanted to show me his family’s property, so we strolled around in the woods for a bit with Koda, and after about an hour, we decided to grab lunch. We went to a cute ice cream shop that had lunch food, and we ate out on the patio sharing my fries with Koda.

We decided to go to a park where we could walk around with Koda and allow him to play in the lake a little. Jake decided he wanted to take me to his “favorite beach,” so we loaded Koda back up into the truck and drove to a smaller area with a bit of sand and a short pier. We walked out onto the pier by the rock wall and watched the ducks in the water. IT WAS SO AWKWARD… we are NEVER awkward, but we didn’t really talk, we just looked at the water and alternated between sitting and standing.

At one point, I sat down on the rocks to take pictures, and Jake decided to sit down too. He didn’t stay down long, and I suggested we go to a nearby bench. Standing up, Jake “hurt his knee” (which I TOTALLY believed because, well, he’s broken!) and he got down on one knee and started rubbing it saying he wasn’t okay when I asked.

I suggested we go over to the bench and he could stretch it out, so I reached for his arm to help him stand, and grabbing my arm Jake said, “but first…” and he pulled the ring out of his back pocket!

I didn’t cry, but I didn’t believe it was happening.

Of course, I said yes.

Stephanie and Jacob's Engagement in Boyne, Michigan