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Proposal Ideas Perito Moreno, Argentina

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I have never dreamt about my wedding, but I’ve endlessly dreamt of how my future husband would someday propose to me. Hugo and I have always been an adventurous couple and have traveled to many places in the last 3 years of dating. On a trip to Argentina, we both decided that we had to climb Perito Moreno. Upon deciding which trek to take, a “mini hike” or “big snow” we quickly decided we would take the challenging big snow climb as we would only have this opportunity to do it. A few days before we did our climb, while still in Buenos Aires, I was bitten by mosquitos which caused an allergic reaction to my body. My bites started swelling up (including one bite on my left eye). I tried to stay positive to enjoy the rest of my trip. On the morning of the climb, I decided to just trust him as he encouraged me that this would be the experience of a lifetime.

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All I can say is wow this climb was tough. After about what seemed like 6 hours of going up this cold mountain, what we saw took our breath away. And as continued to walk around with our group, Hugo asked a stranger to take our picture out of nowhere. Despite not wanting to separate from the group I decided to go along. As we stood to take a picture, Hugo started telling me how much he loved me and knelt down on one knee. I wasn’t sure if it was cold, or the bliss of the moment but I have to admit I’ll never remember what he said. All I know is that my entire life had been waiting for this moment with this perfect person who knew me well enough to know that this was the perfect proposal.

As we went back on the boat we drank whiskey to celebrate with ice they had picked from the mountain we climbed!

Special Thanks

Big Ice
Excursion company that guided us on our trip. I later found out that they had known about it the whole time and anticipated our engagement
Blue Nile