Stephanie and Garrett

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How We Met

Garrett and I met September of our freshman year of college at the University of Missouri. We lived on the same floor of our dorm. I was taking pol sci with his room mate (who never went to class) so as I was helping Ethan pass poli sci I got the hang out to Garrett! To be honest I don’t remember the first time I met Garrett but I bet Garrett doesn’t either! We went on our first date to Holihans and dressed up for Halloween & after that it was history! We started dating just in time for him to leave the dorm and move into Farmhouse Fraternity. A few months later I moved into Chi Omega! We have dated all the way through college & Garrett then moved up to Madison while I stayed at Mizzou to get my masters degree then came up and the following year and we have lived in Madison WI for the past 3 years. As I tell Garrett all the time – I thought I loved him when we were 18.. but it has nothing on how much I love you now.

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how they asked

I have been going up to Mackinac Island since I was a kid, it is truly my favorite place in the entire world. Garrett and I have been up 2 other summers with my family and he knew how special this place was to me. In July we decided to go up for the first time just the two of us with our 2 year old golden. He told me a few days before that he made reservations at the Grand Hotel for traditional tea time (its so dorky but I love tea.. and he hates it) I thought it was so special that he was going to suffer through it with me. We woke up that Saturday morning and took our dog on a long 8 mile walk just talking about the last 7 1/2 years together and all our travel & life memories we have had together. We both went back to the hotel and showered for tea – I thought I knew him but he was so calm and cool all day I seriously didn’t think anything was up! When we were getting ready for tea I went to put heels on and he told me to put on my converse – I asked him why and he said “humor me” we started walking and he took me up onto a bluff over looking the water and Mackinac Bridge. He lead me to this area with benches over looking the island and said that he had a confession to make that we weren’t going to tea (still sad to this day) but that he had something to give me. He sat me down and handed me this shutter fly book he had made all on his own and told me this said everything he wanted to tell me. The book was filled with the last 7 1/2 years of our memories and all the things he feels about me and us together. I lost it and could barely breath I was crying so hard. He then asked me to stand up and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. We both can’t remember if I verbally said yes (I was crying to hard but I swear I said yes!) but he does remember me shaking me head yes! He then pointed out a professional photographer that was taking pictures of the whole thing! We then spent the next 45 minutes taking professional photos together. We then went to get drinks and call our parents. I then found out that Garrett got on a airplane 3 weeks earlier to ask my parents permission to ask me to marry him – he said a phone call wasn’t good enough.

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