Stephanie and Freddy

Stephanie's Proposal in Universal Studios

How We Met

My Freddy and I met on Halloween 2011. When we met I was dressed as little red riding hood and he as he Karate Kid. We started dating a few months after , once we realized that we loved talking and spending time together. We were long distance for the first year, and no matter what issues we have faced we have always come out stronger. He is a wonderful addition to my family and I adore his.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Universal Studios

how they asked

Over the years he and I have always bonded over our love of nerd things. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and he never was until me. After a few years of dating the park in California opened and I started saying how desperately I wanted to go. June 17th I was set to graduate with my Master’s and so we planned a long weekend in California to celebrate. That day he told me he had a surprise and I had to be blind folded. When we arrived at the park he surprised me with tickets and Hogwarts robes. I was excited all day and was having the best day. The Hogwarts sections does a show and afterwards we went get to get our pictures taken. I never expected he would ask me in the one place I always wanted to visit. It was the best day ever.

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