Stephanie and Eliot

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How We Met

We first met in a Political Science class, which was weird since neither of us majored in Pol-Sci, but he happened to like the professor, and I had just changed my minor to social welfare that semester and had to take the class. Weirdly enough, we did not think much of each other until we met again about half a year later. He recognized me and asked how I have been, and we talked so much that the people we had came with left us. It turns out we liked each other after all!

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how they asked

Around Christmas time last year, my future brother-in-law told us that him and his wife would take us to Indy to do something fun and go out to eat as their Christmas present to us, so when February 4th came around and they were taking us on a trip to Indy, I had no reason to believe there was anything else going on. When we get there, we pull into an ice skating rink. Eliot, my now fiancé, had taken me roller skating a few times before so I felt pretty good skating around, but after a little while, I felt kind of tired. Eliot then started scrambling to get everyone together for a picture, which should have raised some flags since he never wants to take a picture. As everyone was getting ready, I was taking a few pictures of his brother and sister-in-law when I felt a tug on my sweater.

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As I turn around, I see him on one knee. It was a complete surprise!! Turns out, he had been planning this for months. He gave his brother the money for the trip and had been purposefully taking me roller skating to prepare us for the whole thing! Later, he took us to dinner and not only surprised me with his parent and my parents but my brother and sister-in-law as well. It was the perfect day and I can honestly say I am marrying the best man in the world!

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