Stephanie and Develyn

how we met

Like many others with busy lives in this day and age, we met online. I think we both sort of had a feeling we were each others person right off the bat. We went on 4 dates in 2 days and spent as much time possible with each other. Devs first clue was the fact that I was late to our first date because I had to stop and take a photo of the sunset, which I later found out is exactly something he would do. For myself, I’ve never had someone look at me with such admiration and curiosity. He is my number one fan and biggest supporter.

how they asked

Stephanie and I were planning our first trip overseas together and I immediately knew our trip would be the perfect opportunity to propose. I decided on Dubrovnik as the location where it would happen, arranged the photographer, and finalized the time and location. Now all I needed to do was get the beautiful ring designed at @cavaliergastown to Croatia, and convince Stephanie we needed to dress up for a “fancy dinner.” The perfect opportunity arose to sneak the ring into our day-bag while Stephanie was having a nap after our early morning flight from London. However, when she awoke she remembered she had left chocolate in the day-bag and was concerned it had melted everywhere. She got up and started pulling everything out of the bag! I immediately panicked, jumped out of bed, and ran with the bag to the kitchen exclaiming how the bag needed to be cleaned. She came chasing after me, angered that I had snatched the bag away from her. I had only a moment to grab the ring, hide it in my boxers (the only thing I was wearing during our nap), and try and maneuver past her as she came running into the kitchen. Somehow she didn’t notice a thing. We got down to the beach where we were meeting the photographer. I stared in amazement at the beauty of Old Town Dubrovnik and asked her “wouldn’t this be the perfect moment to propose, it’s so beautiful.” She laughed it off with a big “pfft” saying we will have to come back one day, shrugging her shoulders and looking at the view. I replied with “well maybe we won’t have to” and got down on one knee. The rest is a blur, but thankfully she said yes, but she was shaking so much in excitement getting the ring on her finger was an added challenge. The secret photographer captured the whole thing, and we have lovely photos of our special day in Croatia.

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