Stephanie and David

How We Met

David and I met in 2011, in our local college’s cafeteria between classes. Our mutual friends led us to meeting and forming an instant connection due to our upbeat and comedic personalities. We hung out with our mutual friends a few more times before really connecting while off to the side of the dance floor at a nearby 18+ night club. We both had a ton of fun dancing and being goofy with our friends and decided to get to know each other better. Our chemistry was undeniable and it was only a matter of time before we began a serious relationship. Though I went away to a bigger college the very next semester and had originally planned to date a baseball player (LOL), David made it increasingly obvious that he was the one for me. He came to visit several times and we continued to really connect in many ways. There was never a dull moment, and there still hasn’t been one in 5 years. We laugh and joke constantly and that is the basis for our relationship.

how they asked

We had planned to take a trip to New York City just as a fun activity to do over the weekend. We wanted to just go roam the city, visit the Meatball Shoppe in Brooklyn (due to my irrational love for meatballs), and get extremely cheap tickets to a Brooklyn Nets game because he loves basketball even more than I love meatballs. Since this trip was sort of spur of the moment, I found a $69 per night hotel around the corner from Time Square. As the price and proximity to Time Square indicates, the condition of the hotel was way less than ideal for a romantic engagement weekend. Hot pink fitted fleece sheets, bathroom tile from the 70s, 13″ TV with horrendous cable connection, 20 square feet of space and a makeshift curtain rod (made from a department store clothing grabbing stick) made for QUITE the interesting stay to say the least. However with the amount of laughter and great memories we shared that weekend, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Proposal Ideas Rockefeller Center, NYC

Dave: I never planned to propose on this spontaneous weekend trip that was approaching fast, but I kept thinking about the opportunities that I would have. Winters in NYC are beautiful, albeit freezing, and I had already purchased a ring at a local diamond show. About a week out from actually hitting the road, I decided I was going to propose that weekend, with absolutely no clue or prior planning of how to do so. I brainstormed hard one night going over several possibilities, and kept coming back to the idea of ice skating in the middle of NYC with hundreds of people watching. I was going to have someone random take a picture of us (but secretly record video), pretend to fall, and when she came to help, get on one knee and pull out the ring. It made me nervous with all the variables involved so I ultimately decided against it. After calling all of the ice rinks in the city, I learned of a proposal package available at Rockefeller Center. I was half disappointed because it wasn’t quite an original proposal anymore, but it was a great option nonetheless, and would certainly be rare enough where I wouldn’t feel cliche. I knew Stephanie had probably seen every proposal posted on this website and all of youtube so I was very adamant on the originality hahah. It worked out great; she was absolutely stunned and speechless, making the best day of my life thus far.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Rockefeller Center, NYC

Stephanie: So the day of the proposal David tells me that we have a skate and lunch package in Rockefeller Center and we have to be there at 1pm. We leave the hotel with ample time to get there on time and the subway train we need is down and we have to figure out what other train will get us to where we need to be. Now I’m getting nervous we are going to be late to our reservations and I’m like “Oh my gosh Dave, we need to call them! What are we going to do!?”, as always Dave calms me down and lets me know it will all be okay, and it was. We get down to the rink and we get our skates on and enter the ice and begin skating, taking selfies, snapchats and just having a great time together while trying not to fall. So the employees begin to clear people off of the ice and I say, “David we have to get off of the ice.” and he says, “No babe we are okay because whoever has the lunch package gets to skate longer, we are good.”

Stephanie's Proposal in Rockefeller Center, NYC

So we continue to skate and enjoy ourselves and the employees are yelling “EVERYONE OFF THE ICE”, so now I’m panicking and tugging David’s arm to get off the ice, but he continues to tell me we are okay to skate because of the lunch package, so we continue skating. As there were about 8 people on the ice with us the employees yell “EVERYONE OFF THE ICE” for a second time, and I’m like “Dave we need to go NOW, they are really angry!” and I’m attempting to flee the ice while David keeps me on. As I look around the ice it’s just the two of us and I’m puzzled and saying to Dave, “Out of all the people in NYC, how are we the only ones getting the package?” he replies with “I don’t know babe, but lets just keep skating” so we did while “Love Me Now” by John Legend is playing in the background (David’s proposal song to me). David stops me in the middle of the ice and skates away from me so I try to follow and then he skates back to me and gets down on one knee! I don’t even know how to describe how I felt in that moment. I was shaky, trying to hold back the tears so I didn’t ruin my makeup, and then David starts telling me the sweetest things and I just got so lost in the moment I don’t even know what he said! When he asked me “Stephanie, will you marry me?” words just didn’t even come out of my mouth; I was in complete shock, and all I could do was nod my head yes!! Then he got up off of his knee and we hugged so tight and kissed and the whole crowd was cheering us on! The moment was so incredible that the rest of the day I was just so stunned that #Davefinallyproposed and he was now my Fiancé (I love the sound of that!). < 3

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