Stephanie and David

how we met

David’s Perspective:I am a doctoral student at the University of Florida and a competitive power-lifter. I heard about a fitness studio in town that was great for recovery and relaxation so I decided to go try it. On my first visit to Hotworx, I met Stephanie, and from that first moment I was smitten, she was so beautiful and sweet. We started talking, and got so engrossed in our conversation that I forgot why I came. I accidentally some how got a membership that I wasn’t planning on getting but with it I got her number. After I left that day, I couldn’t think of anything else except wanting to see her again. After lengthy phone conversations and countless texts, I learned that we have the same values and aspirations in life. Feeling confident that she was a person that I wanted to get to know better, I asked her on a date, and the rest is history.Stephanie’s Perspective:People have told me you will meet someone when you least expect it. I guess they were right, because the day I met David I was NOT expecting it. Being the manager of Hotworx, an infrared fitness studio that specializes in classes like Hot Yoga, I’ve met some interesting people. One day, David came into my studio, curious and nervous. He obviously felt out of place and had no idea what he was walking into. But as soon as we met, I could tell he was captivated and so was I. After he sweat it out in a 125 degrees sauna session, dehydrated but still determined, he worked up the courage to ask me out on a date which I gladly accepted. My expectations didn’t quite match up with reality, though. The hopeless romantic in me was expecting our first date to be someplace sophisticated and classy. Instead, he took me to his favorite “hole in the wall” burger joint. He was so proud of himself, thinking I’d be impressed by his great burger finding skills. It worked–I thought it was so cute and endearing.

how they asked

David’s Perspective:The proposal was something that I had planned several months in advance. I talked to many jewelers and finally met a local jeweler that was fascinated by my unique idea for a ring and agreed to create it for me. The jeweler was born and raised on a sailboat in the Canary Islands and loved to design special one-of-a-kind pieces. I took Stephanie out to a romantic dinner and then we went on a walk on the beach at sunset. I proposed to her there at twilight, leaving enough daylight for all of her selfies before the sun went down. Stephanie’s Perspective:David and I both love to travel and are never happier than when we are going on new adventures. Since David is working on his PhD at the University of Florida, he often lectures at Philosophy conferences. When he told me he was speaking at a conference in Destin, Florida, I was excited to go along so that we could go to the beach. I had no idea that he planned to propose to me that first night. He took me to an amazing restaurant and then suggested we take a walk on the beach and watch the sunset. As the sky became a gorgeous shade of peach and pink, he knelt down on one knee and told me that I was his dream come true and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. It was like something from a fairy tale.

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