Stephanie and David

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How We Met

I had just moved to Flagstaff, AZ, for my master’s program, and I downloaded Bumble to see what the dating scene was like in my new city. Almost instantly, I came across David’s profile. A cute, nerdy guy who loves fitness and his career? That sounds too good to be true! Luckily for me, he had also swiped right! We stayed up all night texting and agreed to meet up and take our dogs on a hike the next day. One date turned into 12 hours, and we knew it was something different.

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Little did I know, he had accepted a job across the country to leave in one month! We got one month together and saw each other every day, taking a trip to Utah and Disneyland in a short time. We agreed to go long-distance while I finished my program in Flagstaff, and he continued working in Oregon. After multiple trips to visit one another, with one being canceled due to the pandemic, we knew we couldn’t wait another year and a half to be together, so I agreed to finish my program online and move up to Oregon with him in June of 2020.

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How They Asked

Equipped with masks, sanitizer, and extreme caution, I made my final trip to see David before moving to the Pacific Northwest. He had planned a few days of fun for us, including a walk around the Hoyt Arboretum in Portland! We fell in love with the views of nature online and even talked about potentially getting married there someday, but hadn’t yet gotten to visit. It was a Friday morning with perfect weather when we arrived, and I was thrilled to be there! We started walking among the trails and David pointed out a strange tree on a side trail and wanted to go that way.

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I was a little confused because I wanted to see the magnolias, but I went along. As we were walking down the trail, he saw a tree with beautiful flowers and said we HAD to take a selfie in front of it. I laughed and said okay, but once we got there he asked me to put my phone away and grabbed both my hands.

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My head got light and I barely remember what he said, and then he was down on one knee! After saying yes and a long hug, he turns us toward the path and there were his boss and her daughter taking photos of us! He surprised me with a photoshoot afterward, and I’ll cherish these photos forever!

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Special Thanks

Kayla Cooley
 | Photographer