Stephanie and David

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How We Met

Dave and I met at Rutgers University. We were in American Government 101 together, where I thought I knew everything. I sat in the back of the class with my best friend and talked back to our professor under our breaths the whole time (“No way Dave, is THAT how a bill becomes a law?!”). Dave sat in front of us and would always turn around to look at us, because he heard his name, not realizing that we were talking to our teacher, whose name was also Dave! After our first exam came back, Dave and I both thought our grades should have been higher and plead our case to professor Dave. I got my grade raised, Dave did not. I invited him to join our study group for the next exam and the rest is history. We’ve been together for 11 years and moved from NJ to DC, where we just bought our first home.

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how they asked

Dave had been plotting with my parents for months to pull off the perfect proposal. He started talking to them in December 2017. My mom helped him get my great grandmothers diamond reset to exactly what I wanted.

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When it came time to pop the question, he made up an event at an embassy for us to go to – complete with a fake website and ticket! He took me to the Spanish Steps in Kalorama, DC, which were completely empty, and sat me down on the fountain, where he started to tell me all of the lies he’d told me over the past 5 months. My mind was racing until he pulled out the box and got down on one knee. After we sealed the deal with a kiss, he pointed out the photographer he had hired to capture the whole thing.

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Special Thanks

Kir Tuben
 | Photographer