Stephanie and David

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Hollywood Studios, Orlando FL

How We Met

David and I met our Sophomore year of High School- We were both 16 at the time, had different groups of friends; but always had small talk in our Sign Language classes over the course of 3 years. I would’ve never of guessed I’d be his girlfriend after High School. It’s so funny to think how things take course.

After High School, David enlisted into the United States Marine Corps. Before heading off to bootcamp, he invited me to hang out one weekend. I didn’t have any idea that it was a date; as I soon realized it was after he tried to kiss me. I ended up rejecting him by stopping the kiss with my hand by pushing his face away. It was the most awkward sunset and car ride home, but we both laugh really hard about it now. We knew we were going to marry each other after that night at the beach.

We wrote letters back and forth while he was in bootcamp, and I waited for him to return. We became best friends and fell in love so quickly. From that time on- we were inseparable. Three years later… he asked me to be his wife! :)

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Hollywood Studios, Orlando FL

how they asked

David knew he wanted to include Disney in the proposal, as I’m obsessed with all the things Disney- so he couldn’t possibly go wrong. Most people pop the question in front of the Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom, but my family figured I’d expect it as that was an obvious request of mine growing up.

David and my Dad teamed up by telling me they were going on a business trip to NH. I was totally convinced that their connecting flight was in Boston, but the two were actually waiting to surprise me in Orlando.

My mom, grandma, my two best friends & I were sitting down to watch the Indiana Jones live show when things started to seem out of the norm. We had reserved seating- they told me we had backstage passes to meet the stunt men and see the set, and that we could take photos with one of the show’s tumblers.

A man that I recognized almost immediately was in an all black ninja costume- and that’s when it all clicked! I realized my boyfriend was about to become my fiancé. I didn’t know how to process how he managed to get everyone there, get Disney involved, become part of the Indiana Jones show, or all the little things in between that led to this big moment. But somehow with help from my family, the Hollywood Studios cast members, and some pixie dust- he got down on one knee and popped the question!

It was the best day of my life!