Stephanie and Dave

how we met

Through mutual friends, we had known each other for a while before but it wasn’t until another friend’s 30th birthday party that we began talking.

how they asked

Dave was so excited to take Colt (at that time 2 month old english labrador) out for his first hike/trip to the lake. He found a great spot an hour past Winter Park, CO and we took the day off from work. After a very rocky drive up we finally arrived at Corona Pass and began our hike –first stop, the water– Colt was soo excited to see the lake he jumped right in and Dave “began” rigging up his fly fishing rod. While I was trying to control this 25lbs of excitement Dave tapped me on the shoulder and went down on one knee… total surprise. We had looked at rings a few months prior and there were a couple “opportunities” I thought he may of done it earlier in the Summer but after the 4th of July came and went…I figured it wasn’t going to happen. Low and behold…he had other ideas in mind.

Special Thanks