Stephanie and Darren

How We Met

Darren and I met in 2013 in true modern day fashion, on Plenty of Fish! I was moving down to Florida from New York and decided I wanted to make some friends before I got there. Unfortunately, there weren’t any apps to make friends so I guess I was stuck with a dating app. Darren was encouraged by a coworker to make an account for fun. After a few dates, Darren decided maybe online dating wasn’t for him. He logged on to Plenty of Fish one last time to delete his account. But, lucky for me, my profile popped up as a suggestion.

Where to Propose in Paris, France

Stephanie and Darren's Engagement in Paris, France

He decided he’d give it one more shot and sent me a message. Although his pick up line included a playful dig at New York accents, I let it slide because of his dreamy blue eyes and adorable smile. I played hard to get and we kept it very casual since neither of us thought we wanted a relationship. We earned each other’s trust and what we had grown into something so much more than we ever anticipated. As with every relationship, it has been rocky at times but we have never given up on each other and that is something I am so thankful for.

Proposal Ideas Paris, France

How They Asked

If you know Darren, you know that he doesn’t like to keep things simple. (He planned a surprise weekend trip to Disney World to ask me to be his girlfriend!) Our proposal was definitely no exception. In May, we took a trip to Europe where we planned to explore Barcelona, Nice, Monaco, and Paris to celebrate his 30th birthday. Darren took charge and planned every detail of our incredible trip including 5-star hotels, insanely delicious dinners, a surprise spa day, and shopping at the first Christian Louboutin store, just to name a few. (I’m still trying to figure out how I am going to top this trip!)

Leading up to the proposal day, Darren told me he booked a fancy 7-course breakfast at a Michelin rated restaurant in Paris. He explained we would need to get dressed up and look our best (good job, babe). There was a brief moment where I thought it was a little strange to have a multi-course breakfast but hey, it’s Paris and anything is possible! Our “reservation” was at 7 am so at 6:30 we left the hotel and headed to our high-class breakfast.

When we pulled up, Darren explained we had some time before our reservation so he wanted to take some photos (I am notoriously late so he’s learned to tell me an earlier reservation time). Darren asked a nice stranger to take a photo of us on Darren’s phone. Up to this point, I am still absolutely clueless that my life is about to change forever. Plus it’s 7 am and I may still be half asleep. After the random gentleman took our picture, I asked Darren to take a boomerang video of me (because who doesn’t love a good boomerang for the ‘gram?!). He told me to turn and face the Eiffel Tower with my arms out. After a few moments, he told me he got a bunch. Once I turned back around, there Darren was, on one knee looking as handsome as ever with the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen. Everything about the moment was absolutely perfect and so much more than I could have ever dreamed of. Right after I said yes, a slight rain shower began. I took it as a sign of good luck, just like rain on a wedding day! So it turns out, that nice stranger was a photographer Darren had hired. He captured photos of our proposal that we will cherish forever.

Once the tears and photos were done, Darren told me there was no fancy breakfast to go to but he did pack a delicious picnic for us to enjoy in front of the Eiffel Tower, including french toast, of course. After our picnic, we continued to have the most incredible day together which included calling our family members to tell them the exciting news. We ended the day with the most amazing dining experience at L’Oiseau Blanc, which gives you an absolutely incredible view of the Eiffel Tower. Once dinner was done, we headed over to the Eiffel Tower where we made it all the way to the top. Since we got there so late, we had very limited time but we were the last two people up there, taking in views of the city all by ourselves. From start to finish, the day was beyond my wildest dreams.

Being that we had such an incredible proposal day, I thought the surprises ended there. Boy was I wrong. To celebrate our engagement, Darren surprised me with a trip to Reims and Champagne where we indulged in the most delicious champagne I have ever tasted. Once we arrived back in Paris, we were off to stay at the Waldorf Astoria Trianon Palace Versailles where we continued to live like a king and queen. Our trip wrapped up with one final surprise – Disneyland Paris. This was one of the most sentimental parts of our trip because not only did I grow up going to Disney with my family but it was at Disney in Orlando where Darren asked me to be his girlfriend. It was like it all came full circle. I still cannot believe I get to marry someone so thoughtful, caring, kind and loving. Darren, I can’t wait to be your wife!