Stephanie and Daniel

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How We Met

Daniel and I are high school sweethearts! We met when I was a sophomore and he was a junior. At the start of the school year I had always seen him in the hallways But it was never anything more than just a smile to one another as we’d pass each other by. As the school year continued we winded up being in the same places coincidently. I had the same lunch period as him, instead of sitting in our school cafeteria we would sit in a teachers classroom with a few other friends. The classroom was small so slowly but surely we got to talking as friends. Another school year goes by and I am now a junior and he’s a senior. We would walk through the same park on our way home from school. I would walk with my cousins and he would always be behind us walking with his brother. As we walked home on a cold day in March, Daniel threw a snowball at me which actually landed inside of my school bag. When I got home I realized there was a perfectly round snowball in the pocket of my bag! I knew it had to be Daniel, so I texted him and asked: “did you throw a snowball at me by any chance?” (Don’t ask about how clueless I was to the fact that a huge snowball was thrown into my bag) The rest was history!

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how they asked

We had just gotten to our cottage in beautiful Antigua. I was so blown away by how breathtaking our room and view was that I was completely oblivious to the rose petals on the bed that spelled out “will you marry me?”. As soon as I read that beautiful question, I turned to him as he got down on one knee. The only words I could mutter were “thank you!!” And as we both laughed and cried he said: “well is that a yes?” “ OF COURSE ITS A YES!!”

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