Stephanie and Dan

How We Met

We have known each other for 7 years. We used to have a fling for awhile then went our separate ways during college. We reconnected again in 2015, and him reaching out to me again was the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

how they asked

My friends had organized a girls day winery trip on a Sunday. It’s hard to get a group of people together to drive out from the city into wine country, so of course I was in! I knew we would take pictures because it’s gorgeous, so we all dressed up. Not only had they been part of the plan all along, but my family, his family, more of my friends and his friends, and the entire staff at the winery were as well. And seriously- my sister & friends were hiding up in the bridal suite waiting for my arrival and staff were on walkie talkies announcing my arrival.

My friends and I walked through the vineyards down to this beautiful lake on the property, then suddenly everyone stopped walking and I kept going. A few more steps and I saw a path of rose petals leading to a circle of rose petals where my fiancé was standing with a rose in his hands waiting for me. After the proposal, everyone came out of the bushes including my friend photographer capturing everything. We had our first dance as an engaged couple in front of everyone at the winery. He had been planning this for months and everything could not have been more amazing. To top off a perfect day, he even rented a party bus to and from the winery for us and all our friends! Best. Day. Ever.

Stephanie and Dan's Engagement in Chandler Hill Winery, missour

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Chandler Hill Winery, missour

Special Thanks

Bonnie Nichoalds
Chandler Hill Winery
Helped fiancé pick out spot !