Stephanie and Dan

how we met

Dan and I actually went to high school together, but wasn’t until after we had both graduated college that we rekindled our friendship. Dan was in a jet skiing accident that lead him to move back to his parents house for the summer in 2018, and I was back and forth on weekends from living in Delaware. We were lucky enough to have been out with friends the same night one weekend, and honestly …the rest is history! 8 months later, we were engaged and happier than ever!

how they asked

After only 8 months together Dan proposed to me. It was a total surprise! At the time we were living at my parents house with our dog and he had mentioned all week to me about getting up early on Wednesday (April 25th) to take our dog for a walk on the beach. This seemed weird to me, since we always take our dog for walks on the beach. So I was confused why he was planning this one out? The morning of the proposal, I throw on some sweats, a sweatshirt and a baseball hat..and I find Dan in the bathroom doing his hair…also very confusing since we were going to the beach for a walk. Little did I know that I was going to end the day with a ring on my finger!! It was just us two at the time of the proposal, and that’s exactly how I would have planned it myself :). He did good!

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