Stephanie and Cyrus

How We Met

Cyrus and I like to call each other “middle school sweethearts.” I was introduced to Cyrus in middle school when one of my best friends liked him. We quickly became good friends and hung out on the playground, like middle schoolers do. But, soon enough, what started out as a playground romance turned into a relationship.

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Of course, our parents were a little concerned about their children “dating” at such a young age, but they soon saw how seriously we viewed this relationship and how much we loved each other.

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We took things slowly– not holding hands until we were 16, not going on a date until he had his license and not kissing until I was in college. But that made every experience we had so much more special. We had grown up together, even through the awkward stages of middle and high school, and the older I get, the more I appreciate that. After all, if he could love me through those times, loving me now should be a breeze!

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So during the last month of his senior year of high school, when he told me he wanted to go to Bible school 7 hours away, I was nervous. Of course, the long distance relationship was pretty tough. He was in upstate New York, and I lived in South-Central PA, but we handled it as best we could, continuing to learn about one another every day.

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I drove six hours to visit Cyrus at his college in the Adirondacks in New York on a Friday. We spent the day together when he told me that he had a brother-sister dorm event to go and that he needed to set up ahead of time. He also said that it would be a semi-formal event, so I should wear something nice. I was staying on campus with one of his friends named Kayla, and, when I first met her, she invited me to paint my nails with her and some friends that night. After painting my nails, I met two more of Cyrus’ friends in the parking lot so they could take me to the site of the picnic.

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When we pulled into the neighborhood where the picnic was supposed to happen, I noticed a completely lit gazebo close to the shore of Schroon Lake. And then I noticed that Cyrus was standing in it– alone! When they pulled up to the gazebo, I walked the illuminated sidewalk to meet him in the gazebo, where one of our favorite songs, Infinity by AJR, was playing. (He told me later that since he heard that song for the first time, he knew he wanted to propose to me with it.)

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I was so nervous, my leg wouldn’t stop shaking! He admitted he was nervous too, and then began to explain how much this relationship has meant to him the last seven years. He said, “so I decided to make a pretty big purchase for this weekend…,” and he knelt on one knee, pulled out the beautiful ring and said “Stephanie, will you spend the rest of your life with me.. and marry me?” And, of course, I said the “yes” I’ve been waiting to say for seven years.

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He then told me to turn around and wave because his friends were watching from across the park. They came over and hugged both of us and congratulated us. And, to my surprise, he also invited one of my best friends from high school, who was going to school 3 hours away, to come celebrate with us, so that I would have someone familiar to celebrate with. It was the best night of my life– absolutely magical and everything I had ever imagined for seven years.

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Special Thanks

Logan Harney
 | Photographer