Stephanie and Connor

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How We Met

Connor and I met in grade 7 (online) with mutual friends. I was suppose to move to his elementary school, so we talked about life, ourselves, school etc. The conversations kept going on every day until we finally started to like each other and called each other “boyfriend and girlfriend” We then talked an entire summer until one summer we fell out of touch and started to ignore each others messages. Two years later we re connected in high school at our grade 9 orientation. Connor approached me and we started talking from there. Since that day we talked and talked and talked. In October we started to get closer and he finally asked me out and we went on our first date which was the movies to see “Dan in Real Life” we both watched the movie and we were nervous as ever!

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Fast forward; we spent our high school years dating and building a strong relationship, we were prom king and queen, we both went to different colleges, and remained together for 9 years!

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how they asked

The morning of the day we did the usual, cleaned the house, went to get my haircut, took our dog to the pet store and then we went home to relax and watch a movie. I eventually took an afternoon nap and he came to me and said “lets go check out this winery” (which is two minutes away from our house). I wasn’t in the mood at all but I decided not to be lazy and to go. When we got there he said the tour would start in 15 minutes but lets just walk around and see the place. So as we are walking he eventually turns the corner into one of the aisles and there is a huge chalkboard, picnic blanket, food, go pros laying there. He turns to me and smiles and I am in total shock walking towards the entrance in shock.

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He takes my hand and walks me towards the picnic and I had tears in my eyes. He gets down on one knee I ask him if he is serious and he says he ha has never been so serious in his life.

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After the proposal I see two of my cousins and a few friends standing there with cameras and big smiles.
BEST DAY EVER. Connor knew that I am a big picture person so he got photographers to capture every moment!

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